The 10 best things about the beach:

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Beach Maniac’s 10 best things about the beach:

1. Sun. Oh, sure, the sun can shine anyplace. But when you mix in water and sand, it’s like adding the tequila to the margarita.

2. Sand. Is there anything that feels better on the feet than the warm, soft sand on a beach?

3. Swimming. OK enough of this sitting around. It’s hot, let’s cool off!

4. Snorkeling. Put on that goofy mask, stick that snorkel in your mouth and pop your head into the water. You’re about to get a glimpse into a whole new world. The fish look awesome, but did you ever think about how you must look to them?

5. Body Boarding/ Surfing. It’s an adventure just to catch the right wave, and chances are you’ll wipe out. But, really, that’s what you’re there for anyway, right?

6. Cold beer. Sit back on the lounge chair and feel that cool liquid slide down your parched throat. Ahhhhhhhhh.

7. Strolling along the beach. Take the hand of your loved one, slowly skip your toes across the shallow water as it laps onto the shore. Did you even know you’re smiling?

8. Tiki Bars. The thatched hut roof, the stool, maybe a game on the TV over the bar. It not just about having a drink, it’s about changing your attitude.

9. Margarita. Yes, the margarita was made for the beach. The tequila, the salt, the lime and maybe even a little umbrella toothpick to finish it off.

10. Sunsets. The sun is as orange as it can be, and as it slowly sinks into the water and then disappears, relaxation starts coursing through your veins like a drug. Or, wait, is that the margarita?


What are your favorite things about the beach?

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  • Hurleydi  says:

    The promise of great memories!

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