Wendy Williams visits the famous British Virgin Islands baths

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Syndicated TV talk show host Wendy Williams brought her cameras to the British Virgin Islands, where she relaxed in the famous baths of Virgin Gorda and toured other beautiful spots. After washing up in the baths, Wendy got dressed up for a dance at Scrub Island. “I fell in love with the BVIs,” she said as she showed her vacation videos on her show.

The Baths are made up of large boulders, some 40 feet high, that geologists believe were created from volcanos. Water shoes are the style of the day as tourists explore the caves and grottos surrounding the baths in the beautiful clear waters of the eastern Caribbean. Two more traditional beaches – Devil’s Bay Beach and the popular snorkeling destination of Spring Bay – are within walking distance of the baths.

The Travel Channel tells us that each of the British Virgin Islands have their own unique topography and “island vibe.” Virgin Gorda is the popular tourist spot where you’ll find posh resorts and pristine beaches.

TripAdvisor travelers rate the baths as the Number One attraction in the British Virgin Islands. “A natural wonder. So breathtaking. Bring a good camera to capture this beautiful place,” said one visitor, KOBrien42 of Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Watch Wendy Williams video of her visit to the baths in Virgin Gorda and Scrub Island:

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