Beach Boys talk about their new single, ‘That’s Why God Made the Radio’

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The Beach Boys – reunited now for their 50th anniversary tour – have released a new single, “That’s Why God Made the Radio,” a song they say is a tribute to the important role radio has played in their lives and careers. “We put a lot of love in our harmonies,” says Brian Wilson. The new song “is kind of like an accolade to the radio and what it’s meant to millions and millions of people,” said Mike Love. “Music has been a blessing to us. Radio has been the vehicle to be able to express that kind of gratitude and thank you in terms of a pop song. It’s pretty awesome.”

The song showcases the Beach Boys incredible harmonies.” Bruce Johnston says, “All our recognizable voices are popping out of a really great song with cool lyrics. I can’t wait to share it with everybody. I love this song.” The song is the first release of an upcoming album by the same name, the group’s first release in decades.

The video below provides a preview of the song, set in context of the 50th anniversary tour and Beach Boys reunion. “Just as good as 50 years ago,” Wilson says proudly. New York Times critic James C. McKinley Jr. says the song “sounds as if it could have been written in the 1960s. It is a slow romantic ode to pop radio, showing off the group’s famous five-part harmonies and syrupy sentiments. “


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