Beach Maniac song gets great response!

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Bill and Ryan Hurley on Sanibel Island, Florida.

As many of you know, I recently released the Beach Maniac song, including a homegrown video that has already – just  few days after release – been viewed more than 1,400 times. I am getting very positive response to both the song and the video.  Everyone I know who has listened to the Beach Maniac song has said they love it!

My adult son, Ryan, and I wrote the Beach Maniac song in November on a vacation to Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island, Florida. After an hour or so on our flight out of  Milwaukee, we started talking about the Beach Maniac website and the need to do more promotion of it. Ryan suggested out of the blue that we write a Beach Maniac song.

“Sure,” I said dismissively, “we should.”

“No, really,” he said.

“Right now?” I asked.

“Why not; we got nothing else to do.”

So right then and there on the plane we half jokingly started writing a Beach Maniac song. Now you have to realize that neither one of us is a musician and have never written a song before (although Ryan is very artistic and has written many poems and performed as a Spoken Word artist). Nonetheless by time we landed in Fort Myers, we had a pretty awesome song about 75% written. Over the next few days on vacation at the Pink Shell Resort & Marina, we toyed with the song off and on and had a pretty good time just going back and forth on the lyrics and melody.

I must say that by the end of the vacation we had pretty much amazed ourselves that we had what we felt was an amazing beach song. A song that we felt is so good that I not only feel comfortable putting it out online for listening and purchase but feel very proud to do so. This from a couple guys who can’t play a single instrument or sing a single note in key.

Anyway, after we got back to Wisconsin, I was at first at a loss about what to do with our new creation. I contacted a couple trop rock bands that I have listened to online, but not surprisingly they never got back to me. I thought about asking a local band to record the song for me but didn’t really know where to start. Then I started looking online and after a lot of research discovered that I possibly could get professional musicians and a professional studio to record the song for me for a very reasonable price. Impressed with the demos on their website, I contacted Studio Pros out of Los Angeles, emailed them an MP3 of me “singing” the song as best I could (which was pretty terrible), along with lyrics and some suggestions of other songs that fit the style I was looking for. To my surprise, they said they’d be happy to work with me on the project.

Kati at Studio Pros was very helpful – and very tolerant of working with a non-musician – and put together a group of musicians – lead guitar, steel guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals – to record  the song. Working with me step by step over the phone and by email over a period of about five weeks, Kati orchestrated a process that resulted in a very impressive, highly professional recording. I am very appreciative of her, the studio engineers, the musician and the vocalist, who I only know as Dustin.

Of course, in the age of social media, a song needs a video, so that was my next challenge. More on that in my next blog. For now, let me just say thanks so much to everyone who has listened to the Beach Maniac song, and especially to those who have given me positive feedback, who have downloaded the song from iTunes,, or, and who have shared the video or links online with their friends and social media followers.

I am so pleased with how this song has turned out that I am committed to do whatever I can to spread it through social media and email to anyone and everyone who will listen, and I need your help in doing that. It is my hope and dream that Beach Maniac will become widely distributed to the point that it becomes commonly known among the beach-loving, music-loving community. And I can’t do it without you great folks. Thanks again for your feedback, support and help in making Beach Maniac a success!

If you haven’t yet seen the video, here it is. Again, feel free to share it online:

Beach Maniac Blog by Bill Hurley

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