Beach of the Week: Cozumel, Mexico

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Snorkeling at Chankanaab National Park. Photo Credit: Dtraveller via Flickr.

Snorkeling at Chankanaab National Park. Photo Credit: Dtraveller via Flickr.

BeachManiacBlogWithText3_150pxWithout a doubt, Cozumel has some of the most beautiful, clear waters in the world. The white-sand sea floor brings out turquoise shades from afar, and the clear waters provide glimmering up-close views of underwater sea life. With more than 30 dive locations and barrier reefs to explore, scuba diving and snorkeling are as popular in Cozumel waters as they are anywhere in the world.

Cozumel has a variety of beach features. On northern and southern ends of the developed west (leeward) side of the island, you will find white-sand beaches, perfect for relaxing, sunning and just digging your feet in.

The west side of the island features calmer waters than the east side, and a lot more resorts, restaurants and beach clubs. Some beaches are more rocky and less conducive to just walking right into the water. However, these are the beaches that will likely produce much better snorkeling.

In some locations you will find a hybrid of these two types of beaches as developers brought in sand to cover up the rough limestone edges. You’ll find these hybrid beaches at many of the resorts, hotels and condos so that visitors can have both a comfortable spot to sunbathe and swim while also experiencing great snorkeling right from shore. The east side of the island is rockier, with stronger waves and most beaches there are not recommended for swimming.

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