The simple beauty of a beach wedding

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Beach wedding, Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Beach Maniac photos.

During a recent stay at the Pink Shell Resort & Marina in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, I got an insight into the simplicity and the beauty of beach weddings. No, I wasn’t the one getting married (I did that 36 years ago in a chapel), but the resort helped organize three weddings on the November weekend we stayed, one each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, and it was hard not to notice while hanging out by the pool nearby. Each wedding that weekend was just prior to sunset, and all three couples struck gold with the weather. The wedding parties marched down the resort steps and across the beach to a makeshift altar as music played softly from portable speakers. Everyone seemed to totally enjoy the venue as they settled into their folding chairs and rubbed their toes in the sand to enjoy both the ceremony and the scenery.

As I observed from a distance, I thought the only slight downside I could see to having a beach wedding (assuming you luck out with the weather as these couples did) was that a lot of bare-chested men and bikini clad women are wandering around, either just minding their own business or gawking at the free show on the beach. But if you’re OK with a bunch of uninvited beach bums “crashing” your wedding, the beach can be an absolutely beautiful and mostly peaceful place to get hitched. After all, if you ask me, starting your life together on the beach can only lead to happiness.

Wedding party releases lighted lanterns on the beach.

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