357 women set bikini parade record on Australian beach

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Bikini parade in Australia

Bikini parade in Australia

Update: This Australian record was eclipsed in March 2012 when 450 women participated in a bikini parade in Panama City Beach, Florida

Now, here’s a record that could only broken on the beautiful day at the beach. A line of 357 women, all clad in bikinis and pink visors, marched one mile along Surfers Paradise beach on the Gold Coast of Australia to set a new record for the world’s biggest bikini parade, breaking a previous record of 331 set in the Cayman Islands last year. As you might expect, throngs of onlookers hooted and cheered the incredible sight.

A Guinness World Record representative was on hand to verify the feat. The number would have been higher, he said, except four women were disqualified for overdressing.

Gold Coast officials were elated to host the event. “It shows off that we have beautiful beaches, we’ve got a great foreshore and got healthy young women and a sense of fun,” said local councilor Susie Douglas.

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