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TripAdvisor: 5 Caribbean Destinations You Never Think Of

TripAdvisor created this upbeat video featuring scenery and attractions from five Caribbean Destinations You Never Think Of. Spoiler alert: They are Costa Rica, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Belize. Enjoy!

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Singing animals lure overworked Americans to Costa Rica beaches


beach_maniac_blog_100pxWhich is more of a jungle – the lush tropical woods of Costa Rica or the stressful concrete jungle of the Big City in the United States? Costa Rica tourism officials pose that very question in a clever and entertaining new video with singing sloths, turtles and parrots.

Using the catchy tune from the classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight, the video is part of a campaign titled Save the Americans, designed to bring Americans to the relaxing jungles and beaches of Costa Rica.

“Forced to work long hours in stressful environments, increasingly estranged from their natural habitat, the American worker grows more endangered every day,” they say. “As resident animals of Costa Rica, we happily offer our country as sanctuary. If you or someone you know is endangered, we can help.”

Check out this fun new video:

The Beach Maniac Blog by Bill Hurley

Find out more about Costa Rica on TripAdvisor

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7 sunny places to go this winter


Hate cold weather? Marco Island, Florida (above), Hawaii and Puerto Rico are three of the sunny places AARP recommends visiting during the wintertime. Florida Images / Alamy via AARP.

Beach Maniac‘s insight:

If you have the time and the money, Kauai and San Juan are probably your best bets for getting warm weather among these seven. But there’s a good chance Marco Island, Florida, will be nice and warm, and it’s easier and less expensive to get to if you live in the East Coast or Midwest.

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Sandals Antigua named the Caribbean’s Leading Resort at the World Travel Awards

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa has been named both the Leading Resort and the Leading Honeymoon Resort in the Caribbean at the World Travel Awards ceremonies, held in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. The September 2012 WTA awards program, hailed as the “Oscars of the travel industry” by the global media, highlights and rewards those travel brands that have made the greatest contribution to the industry over the past year.

Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa, located on Dickensen Bay Beach, has long been recognized as one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean and regularly garners top ratings from reviewers and vacationers, including these reviews from TripAdvisor travelers.

Other top Caribbean awards at the 2012 WTA ceremonies include:

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Agency will set you up with a premium Surf Camp in Mexico and Central America

SurfingList Travel, a full service surf travel agency, is now offering clients premium surf camps to destinations in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Baja Mexico, and Mainland Mexico via a new partnership with Adventure Sports Tours (AST) and Baja Surf Adventures. Each surf camp offers amazing waves, premium accommodations, excellent food, ground transportation, and full time English speaking surf guides for an exceptional surf travel experience.

“I just returned from a multi-country surf tour through Nicaragua and El Salvador with AST. I was totally impressed by the accommodations, food, surf guides, and service at the three surf camps. Along with the amazing surf in front of each resort, they have taken the best items from surf camps around the world and incorporated this into the experience at each of their surf camps. After visiting their La Barra Nicaragua, Las Flores El Salvador, and La Libertad El Salvador surf camps, each is highly recommended for an unforgettable surf trip”, said Brett Hollman, owner of SurfingList, LLC and SurfingList Travel.

Find great surfing gear at

The La Barra surf camp in Puerto Sandino, Nicaragua offers access to many great waves such as La Barra, Punta Miramar, Pipes, and Chicken Bowls. The surf camps has boats and guides ready to take you to the waves of La Barra which offer an amazing lefthand barrel...

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