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TripAdvisor: 5 Caribbean Destinations You Never Think Of

TripAdvisor created this upbeat video featuring scenery and attractions from five Caribbean Destinations You Never Think Of. Spoiler alert: They are Costa Rica, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Belize. Enjoy!

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Singing animals lure overworked Americans to Costa Rica beaches


beach_maniac_blog_100pxWhich is more of a jungle – the lush tropical woods of Costa Rica or the stressful concrete jungle of the Big City in the United States? Costa Rica tourism officials pose that very question in a clever and entertaining new video with singing sloths, turtles and parrots.

Using the catchy tune from the classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight, the video is part of a campaign titled Save the Americans, designed to bring Americans to the relaxing jungles and beaches of Costa Rica.

“Forced to work long hours in stressful environments, increasingly estranged from their natural habitat, the American worker grows more endangered every day,” they say. “As resident animals of Costa Rica, we happily offer our country as sanctuary. If you or someone you know is endangered, we can help.”

Check out this fun new video:

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