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Curacao (CanStock Photo by kjorgen)

Curacao has been named Favorite Caribbean Destination by readers of, and one of the main reasons is the island’s pristine beaches.

Almost all Curacao beaches are scattered along the sheltered and calm southwestern coast, where the waters are calm and crystal clear. At some beaches admission is charged, sometimes including a beach chair.

The Curacao Tourism Board selects these 17 beaches as favorites for your lazy relaxation:

Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach is a large shady beach just northwest of Willemstad, near the village of Sint Michiel, with lots of facilities. It’s popular with local families and visitors because of the soft white sand.

Boca Santa Cruz

The mangrove swamp surrounding this wide beach, dotted with palm trees, clouds the water, creating less than ideal conditions for snorkeling.

Boka St.Michiel

Small boats bob in the bay of this traditional fishing village just west of town. The dive club on the pier has public restrooms and a restaurant. The small beach, also known as Boka Sami, has no shade.


The beach is made of coarse sand and pebbles and is popular for snorkeling and diving because its part of the underwater park. Also popular with the island residents. There are several small restaurants.

Cas Abao

Cas Abao offers you a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many gazebos for shade. The beach combines a natural country setting with all the conveniences of a full service beach.


A small bay close to town, this beach has good snorkeling along its rocky ledge and a small fishermen’s cove. Pergolas provide adequate shade and there is also a snack bar.

Jan Thiel Beach

Lounge on a beach bed under a palm tree and enjoy the beautiful open bay, which has excellent diving and snorkeling. Jan Thiel Beach is located in a new upscale residential area east of town.


Visit this narrow, picturesque cove late in the day. Linger to watch the sun set, when you can fully appreciate the exceptionally clear water without minding the lack of shade.


These two beautiful coves are among the island’s most popular beaches. Intimate Playa Kenepa is partly shaded by manchineel trees. The snack bar (which has a tiny restroom) is open on weekends.

Klein Curacao

Curaçao’s longest and whitest beach is on Klein Curaçao, an uninhabited island eight miles off the southeast coast. Dive operators and charter boats take passengers out.

Kokomo Beach Curacao

Serious swimmer, snorkelers and divers will have no problem ignoring the scant sand, rocky entry and lack of shade at this picturesque cove just west of town.

Playa Forti

The view from above Playa Forti is right out of a postcard, with the fishing boats and a panorama of the island’s western tip. Here you’ll find pleasantly different coarse brown sand and tiny smooth pebbles.

Playa Kalki

This small cove is popular for snorkeling and diving, and has a roped-off area with a floating platform. It is located down steep stone steps from the parking area.

Playa Lagun

A cluster of fishing boats gives this narrow cove a picturesque air. The water is very calm and shallow near shore, with excellent snorkeling. Children who can barely swim will be able to don a mask.

Playa Piskado or Playa Grandi

This tiny fishermen’s beach is also popular for snorkeling and diving and has some good photo opps of the boats and nets. Manchineel trees provide some shade. A small snack bar is open on the weekend.

Playa Porto Mari

Playa Porto Mari is a beautiful sandy bay to be found on the private estate of Plantages “Porto Mari” on the west coast. Its white coral sand beach, with clear and calm water, is a true paradise.

Seaqarium Beach

This beach, right next door to the seaquarium has all facilities, palm trees and beautiful white sand. During the day it’s the perfect place for children to play in the shallow water. There are also shops.


Where is Curacao?

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Curacao Weather:

02/21/2018 20%
High 82° / Low 75°
Partly Cloudy
02/22/2018 20%
High 79° / Low 74°
Partly Cloudy
02/23/2018 20%
High 78° / Low 73°
Chance of Rain
02/24/2018 50%
High 77° / Low 74°
Partly Cloudy
02/25/2018 20%
High 78° / Low 74°
Chance of Rain
02/26/2018 40%
High 78° / Low 75°
02/27/2018 20%
High 79° / Low 75°


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