Experts and residents try to rescue 22 beached whales on southern Florida coastline

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Conservation experts and hundreds of area residents near Fort Pierce, Florida, tried to rescue a pod of 22 whales that beached themselves over the Labor Day weekend. They turned the short-finned pilot whales upright to help them breathe and covered them with warm water, but 17 of the whales either died or had to be put down on the beach.  The other five were taken to Florida Atlantic University’s Harbour Beach Institute for rehabilitation, but one of them also later died. Agencies involved in the rescue attempt included the US National Park Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Officials said, based on similar past instances, it is pointless to try to push them back into the water because the will just beach themselves again. Nobody knows for sure why the whales swam unto shore at Avalon Beach State Park, but one expert said that if one animal is sick and beaches itself, others will follow it onto shore.

Here is a video is from ITN (Independent Television News), a British-based news and content provider.

Here’s another short video from YouTube:

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