Fireworks at sea: Disney Fantasy and Dream ships light up the skies

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Disney is the first cruise line to receive permission to shoot off fireworks at sea, and – in typical Disney fashion – they are doing it up big! The new Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream recently had a dueling fireworks show at sea that delighted kids and adult passengers on both ships. Disney had to clear a lot of hurdles and spend a lot of money to get all the approvals needed for its pyrotechnic extravaganzas at sea. The result is not only awe-inspiring but environmentally friendly. Not only are the fireworks shells biodegradable, they actually become fish food, according to Disney. That is, if the show itself doesn’t scare the fish away.

Here is a view of the Disney Dream fireworks from the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. The Buccaneer Blast Fireworks display is incorporated with a Pirates in the Caribbean Party. This video also includes shots of the Disney Fantasy fireworks that were shot moments after the Disney Dream shot off her fireworks:


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