Police take the air out of ‘Floatopia’ in Oahu

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Photo Credit: Screenshot from Hawaii News Now online video

Police showed up at the second annual ‘Floatopia’ March 24 at Magic Island in Oahu, causing spring breakers to move the event to another location. Last year more than 1,000 young people brought their floatation devices – and plenty to drink – and filled the waters near Waikiki Beach before police knew what was happening. This year, the police were ready and made it clear they were going to enforce drinking age laws. As Hawaii News Now put it: “This year, police, ocean safety lifeguards, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources and Emergency Medical Services personnel were all at Magic Island, with police telling would-be partiers to party responsibly, and particularly not to drink on the beach.”

Operators of the Floatopia Facebook page caught on and made a quick adjustment, encouraging participants to move to Kaimana Beach, which several hundred did. But the police followed the crowd there, and the event never quite made the splash that it did last year, with only about 100 people taking their floatation devices into the water.

“I think if the cops weren’t here, everybody would be having a way funner time,” said one very disappointed student.

The Hawaii News Now video report:

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