Giant sea creature eyeball that washed ashore in Florida is National Geographic’s weirdest story of the year

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This giant eyeball washed ashore in Pompano Beach, Florida. Photo Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

A giant mysterious sea creature’s eyeball that washed ashore on a Florida beach in October 2012 was the weirdest story of the year, according to National Geographic magazine. The eyeball was discovered by a man walking along the shore in Pompano Beach. He notified authorities who turned it over the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, which ran tests and eventually determined it was from a giant swordfish. The story was covered by at the time, when everyone was speculating as to the source of the strange find.

National Geographic noted that the Internet “was buzzing with questions: Whose eye is it? What is it?” The magazine concluded: “For being justifiably weird, gross, and mysterious all at the same time, the giant eyeball is our weirdest story of 2012.”

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