Grand Cayman tops TripAdvisor’s list of Caribbean destinations

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Ray swims in the waters of Grand Cayman

Ray swims in the waters of Grand Cayman (Photo by Eric Patey)

The Grand Cayman is the best Caribbean destination, according to TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice listing. “The farther you go from Grand Cayman’s busy docks, the more peace and quiet you’ll find,” according to TripAdvisor’s description of Grand Cayman, which is the largest and most developed of the three Cayman Islands. “At Stingray City (actually a sandbar), stingrays swim alongside you in the tranquil waters. Closer to town, travelers report finding some of the best massage and spa services anywhere in the Caribbean.” More about the Cayman Islands.

The complete list of the TripAdvisor’s top Caribbean destinations, with links to traveler reviews of hotels and price comparisons, are:

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