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Photos of Rockhouse Hotel, Negril
The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril is one of the top-rated hotels in Jamaica. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

What makes Jamaica one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in the world? Location, of course, since it is a relatively short flight from most of the United States. And it is one of the most affordable vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Not to mention the beautiful beaches, abundance of all-inclusive resorts, clear water, inviting sand, fun-loving music and friendly people.

Our Jamaica online puts it all together and calls it “Beach Bummin.”

“With their own distinctive personalities, sandy Jamaican beaches nestle into cozy protected coves between rocky cliffs and offshore reefs,” according to the magazine. “Streaks of emerald greens and turquoise blues close to shore morph into royal blues out at the horizon. Such vibrant colors just make people want to jump in and wallow. Grand resorts take care of many beaches, raking and keeping them picture-perfect for guests. Others are private, charging a few dollars to cover maintenance. Still others are thoroughly public. No charge to enter.”


The most popular beach in Jamaica is Seven Mile Beach, which spans the far west coast. It is lined with popular resorts – from Sandals to Hedonism II – as well as many bars and restaurants, including Margaritville and the famous Rick’s Cafe, where daring souls leap from the rocky cliffs into the clear turquoise waters. Beach activities, including snorkeling and parasailing, are plentiful along Seven Mile Beach. Tourists are sometimes bothered by locals hawking their wares on the beach, but savvy visitors know how to either ignore them or bargain with them and enjoy their company.
Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa


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