South Beach photos of fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee go viral

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Jennifer Nicole Lee works out at a South Beach, Florida, park. Photo Credit: JNL Worldwide Inc. via PRWeb

A series of now famous photos of fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee have gone viral, and she was last seen working out at a public park in South Beach, Florida, performing her JNL Fusion training method. She also put out this news release to coincide with her very public workout:

Jennifer Nicole Lee isn’t shy when she tells the world why New Year’s resolutions don’t work. In an article that included body revealing photos that went viral she announced that “Resolutions are weak and impotent, when evolutions are strong and long lasting.”

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a mover and shaker in the fitness, wellness and beauty industry, embracing new and innovative ways to get in and then stay in shape. She is the creator of the scientifically backed up training method, called JNL Fusion, coined after her initials and fusion for a blend of both strengthen body weighted exercises and ground breaking cardio exercises that “super spike” your metabolism. Its appeared that her unconventional training method does work, as she lost over 80 lbs after the birth of her children, and she hasn’t gained the unwanted weight back since 2003. She has since published several books, workout DVDs and has launched her own JNL Clothing line called JNL Clothing at

As it has been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. But obviously, these photos here in this article must be worth millions of words because her body has become the future of the female form. Her trademark saying is “Strong is the new skinny,” and she boldly coaches her worldwide based clients to do and believe in the same. And in order to connect with her globally based fitness friends, VIP clients, and JNL Fusion Master Trainers, she hosts an annual fitness retreat and revival in Miami Beach called The JNL Fusion World Conference. It’s a member only movement, and those who attend are by invitation only.

“It’s my goal and passion to help increase the quality of everyone’s lifestyle,” Jennifer Nicole promises her business alliances and VIP fitness friends on her website.

More photos from JNL Worldwide Inc. and PRWeb:

According to Wikipedia: Jennifer Nicole Lee (born June 13, 1975) is a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. She is known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after bearing two children. She is commonly referred to as “JNL.” Here is a photo of her before she devoted her life to fitness:



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