Lover’s Leap reopens in Jamaica

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The view from Lover's Leap, Jamaica. Photo Credit: bithead via Flickr.

Jamaica’s storied Lover’s Leap, which has been closed for the last two years, reopened this spring, according to the country’s tourism agency. Lover’s Leap is a 1,700-foot bluff that offers dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea and Cutlass Bay in St. Elizabeth on the southwest coast.

The attraction, which emerges from the Santa Cruz Mountains, was shut down by the previous owner but is now managed by the Jamaica Tourism Product Development Company.

Wykeham NcNeill, minister of Tourism and Entertainment, said Lover’s Leap is an important tourism attraction that supports economic development in the St. Elizabeth area. He said he has been bombarded by calls from people urging the reopening of the popular attraction. The Tourism Product Development Company is forming a plan for financing the continued operation of the site.

Lover’s Leap gets its name from a story about two 18th century slaves, Mizzy and Tunkey, who loved each other. After their master, “Chardley,” arranged to have the girl sold to another estate so he could have her to himself, the two fled to avoid being separated. They were chased to the edge of the cliff, and chose to jump hand-in-hand to their deaths rather than living apart. The legend, which has variations, inspired the novel “Lover’s Leap” by Jamaican author Horane Smith, who is from the area. A wooden carving commemorates the story at the site. Tourism sites that have sprung up around the attraction include a restaurant and lighthouse .


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  • Horane Smith - Author  says:

    Great news, but why did it take so long to re-open? We can do better than that!

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