Miami Beach

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Miami Beach. Photo Credit: Xavier de Jaureguiberry via Flickr

Miami is not a place to just sit back and relax. Oh, you can always find a good place to do that, but this is a city filled with energy and an endless stream of activities for young and old (mostly for young). Beach lovers need go no further than the famous South Beach to experience everything from amazing sun-kissed beach bodies to spectacular clubs that host one of the wildest night-life experiences in the country and beyond. Miami brings the Caribbean to the states, adds its own unique mix of spices and produces an eclectic and enticing environment found no place else in the world. The shores of Miami Beach are a magnet for people who love to show off their tans – and their bodies – and for boaters, fishermen, divers and sunbathers. The beaches are long and varied and stretch for miles from the North Shore of Miami Beach to the South Shore of Key Biscayne.

The Beaches of Miami. Credit:


Interactive Map: The Beaches of Miami.

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Miami Beach Weather:

Partly Cloudy
01/21/2018 20%
High 76° / Low 69°
01/22/2018 10%
High 76° / Low 70°
Chance of Rain
01/23/2018 40%
High 77° / Low 67°
Chance of Rain
01/24/2018 50%
High 76° / Low 62°
Partly Cloudy
01/25/2018 10%
High 73° / Low 65°
Partly Cloudy
01/26/2018 0%
High 73° / Low 68°
Partly Cloudy
01/27/2018 10%
High 76° / Low 69°



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