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Molokai: The Friendly Island

Molokai gets relatively few visitors, especially by comparison to the four Hawaiian Islands that are larger and more populous (Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai). There are quite a few reasons why this is so, and they all start with the word “no” – no resorts, no spas, no valet parking, no commercial luau, no movie theaters, no white-linen gourmet restaurants, no Lamborghinis for rent. That sounds pretty negative until you start thinking about what else is not there – no traffic signals, no traffic, no city lights, no noise, no crowds, no tension, no hype, and no chance that you’ll ever get lost.

The fact that this island has very little tourism infrastructure at all reflects the distinct temperament of its people. Instead of having tourists, they would rather have guests. Interactions with residents tend to be spontaneous and authentic. Molokai is traditionally known as “the friendly isle,” and her people are friendly the way you probably expect your very own friends to be.

Photo credit: Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ)

Papohaku Beach County Park/Sandy beach (photo above) stretches approximately 4.8km north and south. You feel this is a secret private beach. As a continuous stretch of sandy coast, this is the longest beach on Molokai. This beautiful, golden powder sand cannot be seen anywhere else.

The beaches of Molokai include:

  • Halawa Beach.
  • Hale O Lono Beach
  • Honouli Malo’o Bay
  • Kakahai’a Beach
  • Kalaupapa Beach
  • Kapukahehu Beach
  • Kepuhi Bay
  • Kiowea Beach
  • Mo’omomi Beach
  • Murphy’s Beach
  • One Ali’i Beach
  • Papohaku Beach Park
  • Pohaku Mauliuli Beac
  • Puko’o Beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • Sandy Cove



Articles about Molokai:


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