Orlando, Honolulu are top summer vacation destinations, AAA says

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The Floridays Resort is one of the top-rated hotels in Orlando. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Orlando and Honolulu are the top summer vacation destinations in the United States, according  a new AAA survey travel agent survey and review of sales data. AAA Travel’s lists of top summer vacation destinations include choices popular with American families for generations within the United States and around the world.  Many seasoned vacationers are expanding their travel horizons to exotic faraway lands.

“Many Americans consider travel a mainstay to our way of life and are loyal vacationers,” said Bill Sutherland, vice president, AAA Travel Services. “While some Americans may modify their travel due to rising fuel costs, those who can are still choosing to travel and they are traversing the world.”

Note, for your convenience, Beach Maniac links below to TripAdvisor.com traveler reviews and price comparisons for land vacation destinations and Priceline.com for cruise information. Vacationers also can visit the nearest AAA Travel office or AAA.com for more price incentive information.

The Outrigger Reef on the Beach is one of the top-rated hotels in Honolulu. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

AAA Travel’s Top Summer Vacation Destinations by travel category are:

AAA’s Top Summer Land Vacation Destinations:  

Orlando, Florida
Honolulu, Hawaii
Rome, Italy
London, England
Anaheim, California

Leading the way in popularity for summer travel are vacations to the Orlando area, consistently holding the valedictorian spot in the top destination class year after year.

AAA’s Top Summer Cruise Vacation Destinations:


Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) forecasts that more than 17 million vacationers will cruise the world’s waterways in 2012, one million more than last year. AAA Travel sales data shows significant increases in cruise bookings for the summer family vacation season and throughout 2012 and into 2013.

AAA’s Top Summer Exotic Vacation Destinations: 

The Galapagos
The Amazon

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