Romantic Californian’s artistic proposal is written in the sands of Huntington Beach

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This photo was posted on the Huntington Beach Wave Facebook page and began the public search to find out who the romantic couple was.

Johndee Catibog didn’t know his proposal to his girlfriend Cynthia Go would grab so much attention. But once a photo of his artistic proposal written in sands along the shoreline of Huntington Beach got out on Facebook and then to the Orange County California media, it began a public quest to find out who drew it. The Orange County Register eventually identified Catibog as the orchestrator of the romantic sand sculpture, and his story began touching hearts throughout the state and nation.

It turns out Catibog worked with a local artist to draw his very artistic proposal in the sand because he and Cynthia met at the Sunset Beach just down the road.

“He’s so amazing. I can’t believe he planned all this,” said the surprised bride-to-be. “It was perfect.”

According to the Orange County Register, Santa Monica artist Andreas Hoenigschmid worked with Catibog for several months designing the sculpture and they spent about three hours drawing it. They had to plan the proposal for early morning on May 20 during low tide.

Go told the Register that the proposal was a very personal moment and she didn’t expect it to get public attention.

“He did it for me. No one else was there,” she said. “I’m just really excited to marry him.”

The photo above was provided by Andrew Abadilla to the Orange County Register, and the photo to the left was posted on the Huntington Beach Wave Facebook page.


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