Sleep through your beach vacation? At this Grenada resort that’s a good thing

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Lasource Beachfront Resort, Grenada

Lasource Beachfront Resort, Grenada

Usually it’s not a good thing to say you slept through your vacation. But for some visitors to the Lasource Beachfront Resort in Grenada, that’s exactly what they needed. The Lasource – the “ultimate head rest” – takes advantage of its exotic location on Pink Gin Beach at the southern tip of Grenada to offer a unique mix of activities, with an emphasis on relaxation. Its website brags of “a wide range of holistic spa treatments, activities, water sports and courses to ensure you leave the resort relaxed, refreshed and ready for the next few months ahead.”

Activities include tai chi, pilates, Caribbean dance, meditation, golf, tennis, and a scuba program that implements yoga techniques for use in diving.

But from November 29 to December 6, 2011, and June 3-6, 2012, the 100-room 4.5-star resort is offering a special workshop that takes the relaxation theme even farther – a sleep retreat where insomniac guests can learn how to “do sleep.” The workshop is provided by London’s Dr. Guy Meadows, whose drug-free Sleep School is based on the concept that a good night’s sleep is “essentially nothing more than trusting in their body’s natural ability to sleep.”

The school for insomniacs fits right in with the Lasource’s mind-body approach to a dream vacation. “Bringing therapy to a group of people who are experiencing all sorts of sleep and life problems in a really nice setting can be a very good therapeutic approach,” Meadows told ABC News/Travel. “Knowing you’re not alone can be helpful for the patient – there’s the sense that you belong and you’re not the odd one out.”

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