Tsunami debris piling up on Hawaii’s Kamilo Beach

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Tons of debris from the March 2011 Japanese tsunami is continuing to accumulate on Hawaii’s Kamilo Beach and, as NBC news anchor Brian Williams says in this news report, “there’s more coming right behind it.” Reporter Miquel Amaguer calls the situation on Kamilo Beach on the southern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii “disaster in paradise.”

“This is what many are calling The World’s Dirtiest Beach.” He says the debris of buoys, bottles and fishing nets – even a refrigerator – stretches for 10 miles along a beach that used to be covered with beautiful sand. The garbage is affecting fish and wildlife as well, according to the report, with sea birds digesting plastic “at an alarming rate.” Because of its location and the flow of the tides, Kamilo Beach has long been a natural landing spot for ocean debris, but the recent arrival of Japanese tsunami debris has dramatically increased the piles of junk.

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