Vacationing in Hawaii, the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Photo by Flickr user skyseeker

By Alexandra Jacobs

When vacation time rolls around, many students and families jet off to various locations around the world to blow off some of their steam. While some people like to ski or visit a foreign country, heading to a beach spot tends to be a very popular choice for students and families alike. Cacun in Mexico and Panama City Beach in Florida continue to be the most popular destinations with their warm weather and activities available to entertain day and night, but there are many other beautiful beaches to jet off to for a break from the real world; consider Hawaii for this year’s special vacation trip.

Hawaii is the only state out of the 50 United States that is made up entirely of islands. Made from volcanos, the eight islands are Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui and Hawai’i. That last one – Hawai’i – is also known as “the Big Island” so that it is not confused with the state as a whole. The islands experience wonderful topical weather all year round so there is no need to wonder if the weather will be suitable for a trip. Hamptons rental houses in the summer time give Hawaii a run for its money on luxury, but not weather.  With over 700 miles of coastline, there is no doubt that anyone can find their perfect beach adventure.

Photo by Flickr user xoxoamandax0

There are many resorts to choose from throughout the islands. On Maui, the Grand Wailea is one of the most popular resorts because there is plenty available to occupy children but also many stress-free options available for students and adults sans children. The Grande Spa is available to guests and offers many services to scrub away any lasting worries. The cuisine choices, gardens and galleries top off a great experience.  (Check out TripAdvisor for traveler reviews of the Grand Wailea – and price comparisons.)

This is just one example of the many resorts available. There are many world-class resorts available to bring the comforts of home and the fun of the beach, golf courses, restaurants and nightclubs.

When it comes to dining, Hawaii has been referred to as “America’s Singapore” and has the best Asian cuisine outside of Asia itself. You can get everything from traditional Japanese to Chinese to Thai food as well as a blending of all these that has become uniquely Hawaiian.

Photo by Flickr user Jay May

If experiencing the adventure that Hawai’i has to offer is a goal, there are many sports and activities to participate in. To see a volcano from the best angle possible, there are helicopter rides available that will fly you over one. Take a trip over Mt. Kilauea, an active volcano located on the southeastern side of the Big Island, to take in the views of lava flows. There are many other options like surfing lessons, kiteboarding lessons, scuba diving and beach horseback riding.

Golf courses are also in abundance on the island, especially near resorts. For a hunting enthusiast, there are even wild boar hunts that you can be a part of. The MauiHuntingSafari has been taking tourists on hunts since 2001 to give them a taste of Hawai’i’s wildlife. Another fun activity to help you take in miles of Hawai’i’s wilderness is to go on a zip lining tour; with over 2 miles of line and speeds over 60 mph, Flyin’ Hawaiian tours in Maui is a great choice to take in the views.

With so much to do on so few square miles of land, Hawaii is a great choice for spring breakers to take in more than just beach hours and fruity drinks and get in a lot of adventure.


Where is Hawaii?

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