Video captures alligator attacking man on kayak in Florida lake

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Generic alligator picture (not the alligator in the video below).

Generic alligator picture (not the alligator in the video below).

Have you ever had second thoughts about kayaking in Florida? This video of an alligator attacking a kayaker as he fished in Casselberry Lake near Orlando may give you a few jitters. Tommy Swiader was fishing when the alligator snapped out of the water with its mouth wide open, chomping at the side of the kayak.

“It happened so quick. I wasn’t even sure what happened,” Swiader told WESH TV news.”He was, all I felt was something hit me in the arm. My arm was throbbing and I got thrown up on the side.”

Amazingly, as the alligator attacked the kayak, Swiader’s small dog fell into the water on the other side of the kayak. As you can see in the video below, after the alligator pulled back into the water, Swiader pulled the dog back to relative safety in the kayak.

“I looked at Buffy and I said ‘Oh No, Buffy’s in the water,’ you know,'” said Swiader, who captured the ordeal on a helmet cam he uses while fishing. “So I just grabbed the leash, pulled her back in as quick as I could, threw her into my lap and she was so scared. She was literally curled up in a ball and did not want to move.”

Neither Swiader nor Buffy was injured.

WESH video report:

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