Videographer captures huge hermit crab migration in the Virgin Islands

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Photo credit: Screen shot of Steve Simonsen/ABC News video below

A mass migration of millions of hermit crabs was captured in late August by videographer Steve Simonsen in a video that has gone viral and republished by ABC News. “Crabs were crawling over my feet, arms, cameras. They crawled right into the lens hood,” Simonsen said, according to ABC News blogger Lauren Sher. “I was freaked out.” The video was shot at Nanny Point on the island of St. John. On his Vimeo site, Simonsen wrote:

“This morning I received an urgent telephone call from my good friend Pam Gaffin. She was terribly excited about an event that was happening before her eyes. Pam told me it was a migration of soldier crabs also called hermit crabs and there were millions and millions of them she likened it to the migrations of Serengeti. I didn’t need to hear anymore, I loaded my car with cameras and was out the door. Pam told me that this began this morning at sunrise at Nanny point near Concordia. I have heard about this migration for years and knew that it occurred in August, I can’t tell you how happy I am that Pam called. Pam you’re my hero.”

Below is the ABC News version of Simonsen’s amazing video. You will have to wait through a commercial and a little news talk (including a ridiculous statement by the host about not wanting to visit the beautiful island of St. John) but it is worth the short wait to see every angle you can imagine of this mass of hermit crabs:

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