Woman run over by lifeguard truck on Fort Lauderdale beach

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The ocean rescue truck that ran over Rinda Mizelle was similar to this one.

Rinda Mizelle of Charlotte, N.C., was lying on Fort Lauderdale beach, just soaking up the rays, and relaxing with her shorts draped over her face when her blissfulness suddenly turned to agony as she felt the incredible force of a lifeguard truck rolling over her body. She screamed out in pain. “All I can tell you is that suddenly I was a human speed bump,” she told the Florida Sun Sentinel about the April 10, 2012, incident. “There were tires moving over my body. I could have easily died.”

Fortunately, the 49-year-old teacher did not suffer life-threatening injuries. She was treated at a hospital and released but told the Sun Sentinel that she is suffering from burns, cuts, and orthopedic and neurological injuries. “The left side of my body got it the worst,” she said. “My right arm had to be stitched. We change my bandages twice a day.”

Mizelle has hired an attorney, and the driver of the Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue truck has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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